My First Month in Prison (12/13/2014)

As of December 13, 2014, I have been in Central Prison for 12 days.  I am in the processing unit of the prison.  Since the last post, a lot has happened.  This one guy got sent to “the hole” for 45 days.  They realized he had 45 days backlogged.  We gained two new guys in our unit and no one has shipped out.

As the days have gone by, I have been growing stronger in my faith.  I have been growing stronger in prayer and the way I present myself.  I have put my full trust in God.  It is hard to do, because I have faced things or seen things I have never been exposed to.  Everyone talks about their crimes.  Some of them seem proud of what they did.  I don’t think anyone in here should be proud of what they did.  We all did something bad.  I don’t judge people and I try to see the good in everyone.  There are some great guys in here that messed up.  There are great guys in here that keep messing up, because they don’t know different.  I have been harassed a lot by some of the inmates because of my weight.  Some want to help me lose weight and some are just bullies.  Then there is this one guy who has been all up in my business, asking me why I am here, getting close to me and just overly annoying.

I have found that most of the guys are immature and disrespectful towards women.  They are constantly hitting on the female correctional officers, looking at porn or talking about women in inappropriate ways.  I am not going to lie, I used to be like that before I started discovering myself and realizing that women and ALL people are valuable.  Women are priceless and made in God’s image.  I have run into some inmates thinking I am gay, because I don’t disrespect women.  There are a few men in here that are bullies and will bully anyone.  Also when I go to eat lunch or dinner sometimes I don’t know wha tI am eating.  Veggies, I know what they are.  But meat is a little questionable.  Other than those things, things are going well.  I kind of keep to myself, talk to those who I feel comfortable talking to, read my Bible and other books. I read my bible about 3-4 hours a day and pray about 5-6 times a day.  Right now I am reading the book “The Prayerful Spirit”, which tells you how to pray.  It is an excellent book.  I have also read the book “Overcoming Spiritual Blindness”.  It is also a very good book.

Keep following my blog.  Find out more and walk with me through my 16 year journey in prison.

Love, Eddie