Can you give up everything? -Oct 17, 2016

I just finished watching the movie, Divergent.  In this movie it is about a society that is split up into factions.  You are born into a faction and at a certain age, you take a test to find out which faction you grow up in.  However, on selection day, you can pick whatever faction you want to be a part of.  The #1 rule however, is “Faction before blood.”  If they pick a faction other than their parents, they are not allowed to talk to their parents or live with them- no contact.  They have to devote 100% of their life to their faction.  If they leave their faction, they can’t go back to their parents.  They become factionless (basically  homeless).  They want you to be “ALL IN”.  I am not going to go on about what “Divergent” means or the different kinds of factions.  I might touch on Divergent in a different blog.

I sat there and wondered what it would be like to love your family deep in your heart, but leave them for a greater purpose.  I know for me and most everyone, it would be hard. However, isn’t that what Jesus wants us to do?  It is all throughout the Bible, especially in the new testament.  Luke 9:23 says “If you want to be a disciple of me, deny yourself, take up your cross daily and follow me.”

In Matthew, Mark, Luke, he talks about hating our family members and following him.  He doesn’t mean to actually hate them.  He is saying, put me #1.  Be my student, follow me, not your family, not yourself, not your job, not the world.  That is very hard… very, very hard.  I love my family to death.  Even God asked Abraham to leave everything and follow him.  It is a common theme in the Bible.

Can we leave what’s comfortable to join the faction of Christianity and to follow the leader of that faction?  Obey his every command?  That is what we are supposed to do.  Are we “ALL IN” or on the fence?



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