Horticulture Update – April 18, 2016

Hey everyone!  I haven’t written in a while so I thought I would give you some updates.  I am absolutely loving Horticulture Class.  Over the last 2 weeks, we have transplanted over 2,000 flowers.  They all look great.  We boosted them today with bloom booster.  Our flower sale is May 10th and 11th.  The petunias I planted are beautiful.  They look great, especially the hanging baskets.  We had 50 but we donated 2 to the volunteer banquet for the raffle.  There are 3 petunia plants in each basket.  The baskets were a huge hit at the banquet.  I have also been doing some cuttings of sage, clerodendran and begonias.  In a couple of weeks when the mist bench isn’t filled with flowers, I am going to do an aloe vera project.  We have a lot of aloa vera plants.  Some of them look terrible, some of them look great.  I am going to throw away the bad and take cuttings of the good and hopefully have a bunch of good looking plants.  I am excited for that project.

Also about 7 weeks ago, I had an orange in the chow hall.  Well, I took 2 seeds/pits and decided I would try planting them.  I didn’t think they would sprout.  But after much research and proper care, I was successful. So I have 2 orange trees growing.  Haha!

Unfortunately, I don’t think they will get big enough to produce fruit, but it is still cool.  That is about all that is going on in class. I have found another passion.  🙂


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