Heavy Dirty Soul – Jan 30, 2016

The other night I was watching the Winter X-Games, live in Aspen, Colorado.  One of my favorite bands did a concert there and they showed one of their songs.  They performed the song called “Heavy Dirty Soul”.  The name of the band is 21 Pilots.  One of my favorite songs by them is “Holding Onto You” and has a very positive message.  They plan it on HIS Radio Z in Greenville, SC.  Well, the main line in “Heavy Dirty Soul” is “Can you save my heavy, dirty soul?”  I thought about this line, this question.  When I had a visit today, I was talking with my Mom, Mark, Sam and Colin (Mom, step-Dad, Sister and Sister’s Boyfriend).  I was telling them about some of the inmates.  A lot of them have done some terrible tings and have lived a life of crime.  For some odd reason, talking about them made me think of this question:

Can you save my Heavy Dirty Soul?”  A lot of people in this world are carrying a very heavy, very dirty soul.  Some have gotten used to carrying this soul and have lost all sight of right, good, peace, joy, and the list goes on.  Some of them have no hope.  They feel like they will always be like that.  Some people would read that question and bluntly say, “Not me, not my soul.  My soul could never be saved.”  I had a guy look at me in the eye and say to me, “God doesn’t love me!”  I said, “Yes, he does.”  And he laughed and said “No he doesn’t.”  With a smile, I said, “God still loves you.”   And he smiled and kept working.  There are people, a lot of people, that think they can never clean their soul and throw away all the nasty dirty junk.  I say to the question, “Can you save the Heavy Dirty Soul”? Yes, Yes, God can.  God wants everyone and he will help you do the dirty job of cleaning your heavy, dirty soul.  He will do it with a smile on his face, and love you when you reveal it all to him.

God loves you.  He loves those who carry that burden.  All you need to do is ask him to help.  No soul is too heavy or too dirty to be cleaned out.  Look at the man among the tombs.  He was gone.  He was the meanest, dirtiest, angriest man in the town.  He had to live in the tombs!  No one could go close to him.  But Jesus came, and the man let him help him.  No one believed it.  Jesus did what he knew how to do best.  He came to this Earth to love God and to show that love to man.  To love man.  God has a purpose for us.  That is also to love God and love man.

Help someone to clean out their Heavy Dirty Soul.


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