1st Day of Horticulture – Jan 8, 2016

Today I started Horticulture Class and there are about 20 inmates enrolled in the class.  It seems like a great class.  The instructor is cool and funny.  He believes in all organic produce and the greenhouse is organic.  They have their own compost pile and everything.

This first semester we will be planting spring flowers and plants.  Then we will be planting vegetables.  In the morning, we have a lecture and in the afternoon we work in the greenhouse.  On Fridays we work in the greenhouse in the morning and have the afternoon off.

I hope to learn enough in class to be able to live off the land when I get out.  Also, to help Mark and Mom with their business.  This class is another step forward to living a more simple life.  I learned how to sew, so hopefully I can make my own clothes when I get out.  Now hopefully I can learn to grow my own organic food and avoid the supermarkets as much as possible.  Kind of like my friend, Lonnie, tries to do that right now.  I will keep you updated on everything I am learning!  🙂


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