Shattered Pieces – Dec 31, 2015

I am going to present a non-traditional view of a very important event in Christianity.  My point in doing this is not to cause a debate or to say that this view or the traditional view is the only correct view.  However, just to present something that will make you think, search, seek and understand God more and at a deeper level.  You do not have to agree with this, and it is completely ok to disagree with this view.

The thing is, God has all the answers, and we don’t and only God knows the complete truth.  So my questions are; Was Jesus dying on the cross really the will of God?  Was Jesus meant to die so young on the cross?  Or did God really want Jesus to live a full and prosperous life?

This is how I would answer those questions.  I believe that Jesus was supposed to die for us, but not so young. I believe that God would have wanted Jesus to live a full and prosperous life.  However, because Jesus was living in a time where who he was, was completely opposite and went against a lot of beliefs, that people believed back when he died.  He died because of who he was and what he believed.  He was fine with that too, because he wasn’t going to change who he was even if it meant dying on the cross.  Which, back then, dying on a cross was normal. It was their form of lethal injection, electric chair, etc.

I believe that we can learn something about God and understand him more deeply from this view.   That maybe it wasn’t the will of God for him to die at that time.  I think we can learn something else.  God will pick up all the shattered pieces of a situation and make something beautiful out of them.

In the case of the cross, the resurrection, God decided to say “Look, follow me with everything you have, even to death and then you too will be resurrected, given new life, new eternal life.”  Don’t be ashamed of following Christ, God.  Give him everything you have.  When you fall, ask him and he will pick up the shattered pieces and make something beautiful out of them.

Note from Eddie’s Mom:  I have to say that I don’t completely agree with this blog.  I do believe that some of the iterations of the bible have varying interpretations.  I 100% agree that God takes all of your mistakes and all of your brokenness and makes it beautiful liked stained glass.  But I do not believe that Jesus’ death and resurrection is a great analogy to prove this out.  Check out this prediction of the exact date of Jesus death in Daniel, Chapter 9


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