Laughing out Loud – Dec 31, 2015

So today at work, I was caught doing something.  Then wondered how often I do it.  I started laughing out loud (LOL) at something I was thinking about.  Rob, The Emperor of the Bottoms (I will explain that later), said  “What are you laughing at?”  I said “something I was thinking about.”  So thank you for asking… what was I thinking about?  I was thinking about how silly and playful God can be.  Yep!  I spend a lot of my time working, thinking about God and trying to understand him better.  I was thinking about the time when Moses was trying to let Pharoah take the Israelites out of Egypt and all the things God did and allowed to happen to Egypt.  The one that was the silliest to me was the plague of frogs.

I just imagined God looking down at all the frogs, laughing hysterically at the scene.  Then I started laughing out loud with him.  Then I thought why would Pharoah ask his Magi to do something?  Why not ask his Magi to get rid of them?  I bet God was really laughing then.  Haha.  Then Pharoah agrees to let Israel go and Moses asks Pharoah when he wants the frogs gone and he said, “Tomorrow”.  Why not “Now”?  I thought that was silly.  Anyway… Also in my understanding of God search I am beginning to see the many characters of God:  loving, compassionate, frustrated, forgiving, full of grace, angry and many others.  However, I think that God is all-loving, and my favorite characteristic is his love and compassion.

He displays this one the most.  He could have just killed the Egyptians and spared the Israelites, but he gave them many chances.  Even when he said he would destroy them, he still gave them a chance to get out.  If you have a chance, sometime, meditate on God’s silliness, love and compassion.  You will find yourself laughing out loud as well.

Note from Eddie’s Mom:  Okay, he forgot to explain, “Rob, Emperor of Bottoms”.  I’ll have to jog his memory… time for another blog!


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