In His Presence – Dec 14, 2015

“I’m lost without you.”

The other day at church, we were doing the song “Breathe”, an older, contemporary praise and worship song.  It is absolutely beautiful.  Well, when we got to this line, I almost lost it.  The lines of music in the chorus are as follows:

“And I…
I’m desperate for you
And I…
I’m lost without you.

This past week, I found myself in a couple of situations where I left God’s side.  I stopped thinking about him.  I started feeling too comfortable and thought I could handle things on my own.  Most of the time, this was a complete disaster.  When we sang this song, Chaplain Menhinick was talking about being in the presence of God in everything we do.  His sermon was about being in the presence of God even at work.  He references Brother Lawrence’s book, “The Practice of the Presence of God”.

Brother Lawrence, a 17th Century French monk, worked in the kitchen and over a long period of time, learned how to live in God’s presence probably 95% of the time.  I say 95% because his his book, he talks about the times when he was away from God’s presence.  That when he came back into His presence, he felt stronger in his faith and even closer to God.

He talked about how he still had faults, but how he got to the point where he asked for forgiveness and moved on.

Lately I have been striving to be in God’s presence all the time.  I will tell you that when I am not in his presence, I am lost.  That is why those words “I’m Lost without you” mean so much to me.  I don’t feel right without him.  I never will.  However, when I leave his presence and come back into it, there is new life.  This time it made me not ever want to leave even more.  Practice being in his presence all the time.  It will change your life.  Also memorize scripture… this will help.  I love you all.




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