Saturdays – Oct 11, 2015

I have been locked up for 10 months now, and I have never written about Saturday visits.  I have written about my personal visits, but never took the time to describe the emotional impact they have on inmates.  Saturdays can either be a happy or sad day for an inmate.  See, we as a society take time with family very lightly. Now I wouldn’t say that all people are like this.

There are some very tight knit families.  They get together a lot and cherish the time they have together.  In prison, this is different.  We don’t know when we will see our family members, and some of us will never see our families again.  Some inmates’ families disown them, write them off, forget about them; All this for various reasons.  Some times, a lot of times, inmates family members don’t want anything to do with them, because they messed up and are in prison.  Some treat their families poorly so they don’t want to see them.  Those of us that have family support love visits, but they are never long enough….2 hours.

When we have a visit, we are happy, jumping for joy and sad all at one time.  Happy to see them, hug them, but sad to see them go, but still happy.  We cherish every minute we have with our family.  I guess what I’m saying is… Don’t take your family for granted.  Enjoy, cherish every moment you have with them.  Most importantly, don’t hold grudges.  Remember that tomorrow is not guaranteed to anyone!

I love you all!


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