Exactly Right – October 24, 2015

“Everyone is just looking to be told who he or she is, is right and true and wholly acceptable.  No need to tinker and tweak.  Exactly right.”  –Gregory Boyle

When I read these three sentences in Gregory Boyle’s book, Tattoos on the Heart, I stopped reading and re-read this statement again… and … again.  This statement is beautiful.  I have been meditating on this statement, praying and really taking careful thought to what this says.  This past week I have struggled with this.  There is a guy in the band who I wish I could just change his personality, change the way he acts… change him to who I think he should be.

We are all guilty of this in our lives.  We all do it even though sometimes we try hard not to… we still do from time to time.  A person isn’t the way we expect them to be, so we try and tweak or tinker with them.  This statement reminded me that God doesn’t do that.  He sees us for who we are and he loves us unconditionally.  He thinks we are exactly right.  He made us exactly right.  I believe that he wants us to love him and does get disappointed when we do wrong, but he still loves us unconditionally.

I challenge you to embrace and love people for who they are.  Also know that you are “exactly right.”

I love you all!


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