Pure Talk – October 3, 2015

This blog is way overdue considering it has to do with the visit with my grandparents, Mom and Mark on Sept. 19th.  I would have written it sooner but I messed up my shoulder the next day and it hurt to do anything.  I am great now.  No broken bones.  J   I wanted to write this blog to talk about how great it was to see my grandparents, Mom and Mark.  I titled it “Pure Talk” because I remembered a statement my grandfather made when he said “It is so great to talk and laugh.”

Boy, we had a great time talking and laughing.  Laughing is a great medicine for the soul.  I thought about his statement and thought about the act of talking, conversating.  It is something that is slowly dissolving in society.  We tend to have conversations by text, email, phone calls and what I like to call “conversations with distractions”.  Conversations in person where people don’t give their full attention focus to what is being said, because they are texting, on their iPad, laptop, the TV is on, etc.  There we were, the 4 of us, sitting together, having a conversation without distractions.  No cell phones.  No laptops, No TV’s, etc.

It was what I liked to call “Pure talk.”  It was so amazing, so joyful, so fun, and so meaningful.  We had 4 hours of “Pure Talk.”  What if every once in a while we sit down with people to engage in “Pure Talk”?  Wholesome, full devotion, full listening to a conversation.  What an awesome thing and what an awesome way to build relationships.

I leave you with this.  I challenge you to engage in “Pure Talk” more often.  Put all distractions to the side and talk.


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