Odd Fact #1 – September 12, 2015

The other day, I was thinking, and I thought of this fun blog.  Haha.  I was thinking about how people should be more real and not worry about what people think of them.  We should be more honest.  A lot of times we live in a lie and it is locked in a box inside us.  We should find someone that we can reveal our secrets to, for the more serious secrets.  Someone you can trust not to spill your problems to the whole world, but someone who can help you get through your problems, addictions, feelings, or your spiritual wars that go on inside.

While thinking about all this stuff, I thought of something that most of my family knows about me that I thought was interesting, odd and probably disgusting to some people.  So here it goes.  About 6 months before my wedding in August of 2008, I decided I wasn’t going to brush my teeth anymore.  Now I brush them before I go to the dentist… so twice a year.  I know most of you are thinking that is disgusting.

One day I was brushing my teeth and thought about how my dentist was watching a tooth that looked like it might be developing a cavity.  I thought this was odd, because at the time I hardly ate candy or gum and I brushed twice a day (2008).  I was trying to figure out why I might have a cavity.  I had never had a cavity before, ever.  Let me remind you I am still in 2008; not the present time.  I was 24 years old and never had cavity.

So I was thinking, it had to be the toothpaste.  So unnaturally I decided that not brushing my teeth would be the best solution.  Or is not brushing your teeth with toothpaste natural?  See, I am pretty sure in the old days and ancient times, they did not have sugary, tasty toothpaste.  Archaeologists are still finding teeth intact after thousands of years later.  So at my last dental cleaning, the dentist commented on how good my teeth look and that I must be brushing better.  Haha.  Also, that possible cavity went away!  I haven’t brushed my teeth for 7 1/2 years.  I am about to be 31 and have never had a cavity!  I chew a lot of ice!



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