Visit with Vicki and Anne – July 18, 2015

I just got back from my first visit with Aunt Vicki and Anne.  Anne is Vicki’s good friend, who has been a really awesome friend to me too.  Her and her husband, Chuck, have been writing me and sending cards.  Now a visit!  Chuck and Randy (Vicki’s husband (my uncle) are going to make the trip next time.  Speaking of Randy, I got a Coke Zero last night, and you know how they have been putting names on the bottles.  They say “Share a Coke with Jeffrey”, or “Share a Coke with Julie,” and so on.  They have different names on the bottle.  Well my bottle said, “Share a Coke with Randy,” the day before I was getting a visit from Vicki and Anne!  Hahaha.  Anyway!  So I will admit that I was worried that I wasn’t going to have a visit because the minutes kept ticking by and my name wasn’t called…  I said, “Well, they have been planning this for a while.  They either got lost, had to go to WalMart because of the dress code or there was an emergency!  At 2:25 p.m. they called me for my visit.  I was super excited!

I was right with my second guess… They had to go to WalMart because of a sleeveless shirt that wasn’t revealing or inappropriate… Crazy!  It wasn’t their fault.  They are just strict here.  I was super excited to get to visit.  An hour is better than no visit.  We got to get our picture taken and had a good conversation.  It was so great to visit with them.

Over the last year and a half, we have grown closer than ever.  As is the same with all my family and friends I have met over the past year.

One last thing.  I came back to my room and realized I smell like a woman!  I believe one or both of their perfumes rubbed off on my shirt.  Haha  That’s okay because now they are with me longer.  Also, if you come to visit me or visit anyone in a prison, check all the rules of visitation, especially the dress code rule.  This happened to my other Aunt Tiff and my sister, Skye too.

I love you all!


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