Sharknado 3 – July 25, 2015

So on Tuesday,  July 21st, I was talking to my Dad and mentioned Sharknado 3.  At work, we were talking about how we wanted to watch Sharknado 3.  So we were going to put a request in to watch it.   I thought of my Dad because he loves Sharknado and all the low budget Sci Fi movies.

Well , I never did put in the request, but someone must have put one in because they put it on the TV schedule for today.  I was super excited. I hadn’t seen the first two movies.  So I sit down and watch Sharknado 3, and I became a huge fan … hahaha… It was probably one of the most unrealistic, hilarious Sci Fi movies I have seen.  I loved it.

I laughed so hard at all the cheesy, unrealistic scenes.  No wonder this movie has become so popular.  It is good fun entertainment.  Then they announced a Sharknado 4.  I highly recommend watching the movie.  You will be laughing hard!


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