Mud Dauber – June 28, 2015

Yesterday, I was outside on the yard and there were a whole bunch of these huge, hornet-horsefly-looking things flying around the beach volleyball court.  They were chasing each other, about 20-30 of them, and you could keep walking right through them and they didn’t mess with you.

muddauberSo I walked a few laps and then noticed this one inmate that I talk to, sitting against the wall near the volleyball court.  I wasn’t in an exercise mood, so I sat down and talked to him.

While I was sitting there, there was one of those things, about 2 feet in front of me, digging a hole.  He told me they were called “Mud Daubers”.    I never saw them or heard of them.  I kept watching this little guy, and it was so fascinating.  He would crawl into the hole and then back out with a bunch of dirt in his little hands.  Some ants came near to him and he played with them like a dog or cat would play with a bug, worm, fly… then he would eat it.

He kept digging and digging and never bothered us.  So today I went to the same area to see if my Mud Dauber buddy was there.  Well, he wasn’t… But I sat there and talked to the same guy.  Today at church, he was reminded of his salvation ad how he wants to give complete control to God and how he hasn’t always done that over the past 30 years.  He has backslid at times, and actually cried at church.  He cried while we talked.  It was an amazing thing to be a part of at that moment.

So as we were talking, my buddy came back and he had something green with him.  He was flying with what looked like a piece of grass.  He went in his hole, and when he went in, I got closer to see what it was he carried to his hole.  Turns out, it was one of those bright green grasshoppers.  He had killed this grasshopper and brought it back to his net to eat.  He goes in his hole for a while, comes out and grabs the grasshopper and drags it in his hole and doesn’t come out for probably 5 minutes.  I thought this was amazing!  I was in awe of God’s creation.  God has created so many amazing things.  Look around today and enjoy God’s art and creation.

Love you all!


(Note from Mom:  If you come across them, just fyi, they DO sting.)


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