Violent, Angry and Unlovable

Recently I have read 3 books that have been very influential in my spiritual journey.  Every book has put an emphasis on God’s love and how God loves everyone.  The book I am reading now says that you can’t have love without freedom.  God gives us freedom to do whatever we want.  However, if or when we decide that we want to follow him, he is standing there with arms wide open.  No matter what you did, how long you lived that way and so on.

Today I thought of a past time story that I will never forget.  Ever.  A couple of years ago, our family bought an “unlovable”, violent, angry Iguana.  This was a full grown, hating, angry, hulkish Iguana.  Every time someone would walk by his glass aquarium, he would attack to the point where he started bleeding from hitting the glass. She told us he would attack to the point where he started bleeding from hitting the glass.  I felt bad for this Iguana and the pet store wanted him gone.  She told us that he would whip us with his massive, hard tail, bite us, etc.

We bought him and his long glass aquarium for $30.  We took him home and we put him in our daughter’s room. I put on baggy jeans, a long sleeve shirt, a baggy fleece and some gloves.  I was determined to love and tame this violent, angry Iguana.  I put my hand in the cage to lift him out, expecting to be whipped or bitten or both.  I was nervous.  As I pulled him out of the cage, he tried to whip his tail a little, but didn’t get me.  He calmed down, climbed up my arm and onto my shoulders… What happened next almost made me cry.

He closed his eyes and started licking my head like a dog.  He just wanted to be loved and get out of his cage where he couldn’t even move.  We named him Freckles and he was awesome!  He became so tame that we sold him to a traveling zoo and she took him out to different events.  So awesome!

I thought of this story because of something that happened today.  There is an inmate in Segregation that lives here.  he will never e in general population… he will be locked down 24 hours a day, allowed to come out 10 minutes every day to get a shower.  To take this inmate to a medical appointment is an act of Congress.  They have shields, a fire extinguisher of potent pepper spray, and a video man to record everything just in case they have to take him down.  See this is a very angry, violent, prisoner.  A lot of times, he will throw feces at officers, and he resists a lot.

Now I don’t know all the details about him, his mental health history.  I am assuming he is just violent and angry, because there are prisons that cater to the mental health inmates, and we don’t have a mental health sector.  I guess what I want to know is… who has shown love to this man?  Who has told him that there is hope?  Who has told him that God still loves him?  And I could go on and on with questions.  Could he be like Freckles?  If no one loves this man, then we will never know.  God loves everyone, and He commands us to do the same!

I love you all!




6 thoughts on “Violent, Angry and Unlovable

    • Free Will. We are allowed Free Will by God. Does that mean we don’t get disciplined when we use it to make the wrong choices? No. If your parents make you tell them that you love them, you tell them. But do you mean it? How much more does it mean when you make them breakfast on a Saturday or leave a note on their pillow at night that just says “I love you.”? We all are given free will. You can choose to use it as you wish. It doesn’t mean that there is no punishment for messing up. Luckily, we have a good and forgiving God, who forgives us… as we should forgive others.

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