Praise Band – June 6, 2015

Yesterday I was approached by the lead guitar/singer of the Praise band.  He sat down at my table at chow and said, “You are going to lead 3 songs this week.”  I was like, “What are they?” and he told me. The songs were “Days of Elijah,” “Revelation Song”, and “10,000 Reasons (Bless the Lord)”.  I love all three of these songs, and he said he had faith in me.  They tried to call me to practice on Thursday, but I decided to work overtime, because we were short at work and backed up.

So I was a little nervous because I have never song these songs without the real artist singing.  My leading in a praise band has been small.  I went to choir practice and led the choir in these songs.  I forgot how the bridge went on “Revelation Song”, but I got it after 2 tries, and it went off pretty well.  Messed up a few rhythms on “10,000 reasons”, but overall it went well.  Then I found out at the end of practice that the lead guitarist/singer is getting shipped out to medium custody prison next week.  I was asked to be the new permanent lead singer of the praise band.  I start June 9th.  We have a small service on Wednesday and Thursday, June 10th and 11th.  I was super excited!  I love singing, and have always wanted to be the lead singer in a praise band!


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