Visit with Rachel – June 6, 2015

Today I had a visit with Rachel and it was great.  The visits are never long enough.  It was so great to see her and hear about what’s going on in Missouri!  She just had foot surgery and came down last weekend for Skye’s graduation and to visit with family.  She was telling me how my Dad, Michele and Skye couldn’t come because they had to get ready for Skye’s graduation.  She told my Aunt Marilyn that she was coming to visit me no matter what, and she wasn’t going back to Missouri without visiting.

I was like kind of filling her in on what it is like, because she didn’t know about my blog.  I got a picture with her and you should be seeing it on here.  She told me that her kids were doing well, about crazy smoking Aunt Marilyn (note from Mom:  She didn’t quit smoking yet???) haha.  I feel like I have grown closer to her and many family members in the last year.

Thank you all for the love and support!


Plant Move – June 6, 2015

For the past two months, there have been a lot of rumors about the sewing plant shutting down and moving to the Medium Custody prison, Mountain View.  There have also been some rumors going around that this prison, Marion, is going to turn into an STG/lockdown prison.  STG stands for “Security Threat Group” and lockdown means that you are locked in your cells 23 hours a day and come out for an hour to go to canteen, use the phone, take a shower, etc.  These two things aren’t good.  Well according to my case manager, I can’t go to Medium Custody, because I am new and am supposed to be in close custody at least 2 years.  I have only been locked up for 6 months.  So I have kind of been looking for another job, planning for staying here when the plant moves.  I was offered a canteen job the other day.  A lot of inmates were telling me to take it.  But something didn’t feel right, so I turned it down.  I waited until I talked to the Assistant Plant Manager about my future with the plant.  I have been really blessed by working in the plant and want to stay for right now.

I work with some pretty awesome guys, who sometimes I can’t believe did something terrible.  One guy I have befriended is a serial killer (I think… that is what I have been told).  Who knows if that is 100% true?  Anyway, he is super nice and pretty mature and cool to talk to.  It is just a good atmosphere and makes every day feel “typical”.  What I mean by that is you go to work and you go “home” but really not home.  Anyway!  So I talked to the boss man.  I told him my situation and what my case manager said.  He said he is working on getting me an override to go to Mountain View because I have Medium Custody points.  He  also told me that if he couldn’t for some reason, get an override, then he would get me in the Sewing Plant at Scotland close prison.  I also found out that Scotland has a Braille transcription plant.

Scotland has close and medium custody.  That would be cool to work in the “Braille plant.”  So I found out that either way, I am going to be working in a sewing plant.  So I decided to turn down the canteen job.  After I got my medium custody and stay at the plant for a little bit, I am going to try to get into the Sex Offender treatment program and be a mentor.  I would like to become a counselor some day!  For sex offenders and ex-cons.

Praise Band – June 6, 2015

Yesterday I was approached by the lead guitar/singer of the Praise band.  He sat down at my table at chow and said, “You are going to lead 3 songs this week.”  I was like, “What are they?” and he told me. The songs were “Days of Elijah,” “Revelation Song”, and “10,000 Reasons (Bless the Lord)”.  I love all three of these songs, and he said he had faith in me.  They tried to call me to practice on Thursday, but I decided to work overtime, because we were short at work and backed up.

So I was a little nervous because I have never song these songs without the real artist singing.  My leading in a praise band has been small.  I went to choir practice and led the choir in these songs.  I forgot how the bridge went on “Revelation Song”, but I got it after 2 tries, and it went off pretty well.  Messed up a few rhythms on “10,000 reasons”, but overall it went well.  Then I found out at the end of practice that the lead guitarist/singer is getting shipped out to medium custody prison next week.  I was asked to be the new permanent lead singer of the praise band.  I start June 9th.  We have a small service on Wednesday and Thursday, June 10th and 11th.  I was super excited!  I love singing, and have always wanted to be the lead singer in a praise band!