In Prison, but Not in Prison- May 17, 2015

“Ed doesn’t even realize he’s in prison.”

The quote above is what an inmate said to another inmate in front of me.  I thought of this moment that happened probably 3 moths ago when I got a recent letter from my Mom.  She said something about her thinking that I just lived in NC, with a new job and new friends.  I smiled when I read that because sometimes that’s how I feel.  See, before I was in prison, I was already in prison.  I was in chains and in the prison of sin and the world.  I was tied down and chained. I wasn’t in the right mind of being at peace in my heart.  I was in prison.  A lot of us are in prison even though we aren’t in prison.

This world can drag us down.  We can spend so much time on our job, money, entertainment, and just trying to please ourselves, doing things that we think will make us happy… and they do for a little bit, but then we aren’t happy anymore.  Also, trying to please other people for their approval.  We suppress our emotions and soon our lives aren’t happy, and we aren’t happy.  Sometimes we don’t even realize we aren’t happy.  Now not everyone feels this way, but this is a common trend in society.

So how do you break free from this prison?  Trust in God!  It is one of the hardest things to do.  But it can be done.  When you take a leap of faith and trust in God, you break the chains.  I was at the weakest moment in my life.  I first confessed ALL my sins.  When I say ALL my sins, I mean no secrets.  I got it all off my chest.  No only to God, but to family.  I let them know my weakest parts of my body, mind and soul.  When you lay down everything for God to handle, you break the prison chains, and you live with a peace in your heart.

There are times when I notice myself worrying about things I don’t need to worry about.  I immediately turn to God, because I don’t want to go back to that prison again.  In some ways it is worse than this physical prison.  That is why I titled this blog “In Prison, but not in Prison.”  I am in a physical prison, but my body, mind, soul and heart aren’t in prison anymore.  God has taken the sorrow, pain, grief, guilt, shame and sin by sending his Son to die on that cross.  As long as I remember that, those emotions and pain won’t imprison me.  They night show up every once in a while, but they won’t imprison me or consume me.  Trust in God and believe!

Read Psalm 107: 1-16


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