Last 3 Visits – May 17, 2015

The last week, I had 3 visits.  Last Saturday, May 9th, I had a visit with my Dad, Michele and Skye.  Well, I almost didn’t get to see Skye because her dress was slightly too short.  Not much…. so she drove to WalMart and got a beautiful, long spring dress and got to visit.  My Dad came, which was awesome.  He has bad anxiety, and he is doing awesome.  He quit smoking 4 months ago, he is losing weight and getting help for his anxiety.  It was a great visit.

Then on Thursday, May 14th, I was sewing some medical scrub tops.  One officer said, “Miller, you have a visit.  You need to go.”  Well a visit in the week or on a weekday either means an attorney or pastor visit.  I wasn’t expecting a visit.  When I got back to the unit, they told me it was a pastoral visit.  I thought to myself “Ross!”  I found out that pastoral visits rarely happen.  Sure enough, it was Ross, my pastor from Seacoast-Greenville, SC!  Ross did Bethany and I’s pre-marital counseling and counseled me when all of this initial happened.  Ross has helped me greatly with my spiritual journey.  There he was, knowing everything that I did… my weaknesses, and he was there.  Seacoast has been very supportive in this whole situation.  The Men’s Group has kept in contact.  These men are true examples of Christ’s love.

Also, my Aunt, Uncle, and their friends, Anne & Chuck have been very supportive and loving.  These friends truly and genuinely care about people no matter who they are or what they did.  They show God’s love.  So my visit with Ross was awesome.  I could help but to tear up, because God is so awesome!  They were happy tears, and it was just great.

Then my Aunt Tiff came to visit as well and that visit is always good.  she is another example of loving family.  She is only 8 years older than me, and I grew up with her.  She is almost like a sister.  She gave me news and updated me on a lot of things.

In closing, all I can say is that I am so thankful for the family and friends that support me.  I know everyone can’t visit me, and that is cool.  I understand.  I get letters and cards all the time.  I love everyone and appreciate everything.  Thank you for being there for me!

I love you all!




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