Stabbed by a Needle – April 20, 2015

So today was an eventful day at work!  I was stabbed by a needle and it hurt.  I was sewing and all of a sudden, I was bleeding.  It scared me a little bit, but I was “ok”.  Everyone looked at me and was like “Man, are you okay?”  because blood was gushing out.  I said “Yea, I am fine!” and I laughed.  Well let me explain exactly what happened.  So I was sewing black straps and talking to my co-workers.  Well, I felt like it would be cool to not look at my machine and talk to someone and still sew.

All of a sudden, I hit the pedal and the needle went through my right pointer finger.  When I say literally went through my finger, I mean that.  It pierced my nail and went straight through my finger.  Blood was coming out of the top and the bottom of my finger.  I thought it was kind of cool.  I got a band-aid and my finger was fine.  Now if you actually thought I was stabbed by someone with a needle, I guess I fooled you. That was my point!  I had to have a little fun with the story.

I love you all!


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