Slower is faster – March 21, 2015

I have been working in the Sewing Plant for a week and a half.  On the second day, the Supervisor put me on the Bar Tack machine.  I never used the machine before.  I learned how to do the task and did 6 bundles the first day!  Production is 10 bundles.  The second day, I completed 8 bundles.  The supervisor raised my pay from Level 1 to Level 3 pay which is the max.  He told me I was close enough to production. I came back to work on Monday and did 8 bundles.  Tuesday, I came in to a broken machine, but I still managed to get 9 bundles done.

On Wednesday, my machine kept unthreading and I was getting frustrated.  The mechanic did some adjustments and said there was nothing wrong with my machine.  I thanked him, but the machine kept unthreading.  It would unthread almost every pair of pants and sometimes 2 to 3 times a pair of pants!  I knew at this rate, I wasn’t going to make production.  So I slowed down and watched the needle the whole time.  It took me an hour to do that bundle, but I realized something.  I sat there the whole day, frustrated, blaming the problem on the machine.  But the problem was “operator error”…  ME.  I was the reason why the thread kept coming out of the needle.

I realized that because I was trying to be fast, I was being careless.  I wasn’t smooth in moving the fabric.  I was jerking the fabric, causing it to knock the thread out of the needle.  The next bundle I did, I slowed down and learned how to move the material smoothly.  That bundle took me 45 minutes.  The next 35 minutes and now I can do a bundle in 30 minutes.  By going slower, I became faster.

Yesterday I did 8 bundles, and if we had more work to do, I would have done 10, but we ran out of work.  Because I slowed down and moved at a consistent pace, I only had to rethread my needle twice the whole day!  My fastest bundle was 27 minutes.  Almost as fast as the guy next to me and he moves faster, but he has to thread his machine more.

Imagine if we applied this concept to life.  People would be happier if they just would slow down.  Life would be smooth!  In society today, we have a tendency to rush and there is no need to rush.  We rush when we buy a house, car, drive, projects, dinner, dates, and the list goes on!  Challenge—try slowing it down and see what happens!


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