Sewing Plant – March 11, 2015

Today was my first day at the Sewing Plant.  I was told that I was going to be clipping excess string off of clothes.  I wasn’t nervous, because that sounded easy and fun.  I like sewing, but I am happy to do whatever.  Well, I walked into the plant, and it was a little intimidating.

A ton of different machines and guys who were fast and working hard.  Well, I talked to my supervisor, Mrs. G., and she told me she liked my work on “Block bands, hemming and labels.  I looked at her and I said, “Ma’am, I only know how to do labels.”  She said, “I thought you did all three?”  I said, “No, Mr. S. split that task up between three people.”  She didn’t understand why he taught like that and told me that I can learn it.  I said “Okay!”

So the floorman, JR, taught me how to do hemming and blockband.  Blockbanding is easy and it is like labels.  Now hemming is a different story.  Some people were looking at me like I was crazy, because I couldn’t get the fold right.  It seems simple, but it isn’t as simple as it looks.  I started to get it by the end of the day.  I only completed 48 pairs of pants, 2 bundles, today.  The supervisors were very pleased though, because I just learned.  When you do the trio, you have 5 different things to sew on each pair.  I asked what “production” was and she said 6 bundles.  I know that I can make production in about 2 weeks, maybe less.

As long as my supervisors are happy with my progress, I am good.  Well, apparently everyone in the plant likes me.  I felt like I was an animal in a zoo or the popular hang-out spot.  Everyone kept checking on me, encouraging me, helping me.  It was all overwhelming.  Then the word got out that my Mom works for Hershey.  Supervisors were talking to me, officers, inmates, all asking if she can send some chocolate for them.  Haha!

Then Mike, in my block calls me “Special Ed”.  So now everyone is calling me that.  I am used to it, because I have a degree in Music Ed and I was licensed in Special Education as well.  People called me “Music Ed” and “Special Ed” all the time.  I actually think it is kind of funny.  However, those are not the reasons Mike calls me “Special Ed”.  There is this one officer that always let s me out of my roonm first every morning for breakfast.  Mike said, “Ed, you are special,” and I said, “I know I am Special Ed.”  And it stuck ever since.  Haha!

Overall, the first day on the job was great!  Look forward to conquering “Hemming” Haha!


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