Shoulders – Feb 17, 2015

Do you remember when your Daddy used to carry you on his shoulders?  The time when you couldn’t see something or how about the time you were tired of walking?  I believe at some point in our young lives, we were carried on Daddy’s shoulders.  If you haven’t had that experience, you’re not too late or too old to experience this.

If you call on your heavenly Daddy during times of trouble, sickness, or depression or when you feel like you can’t walk no more… HE will carry you on his shoulders.  God is the Father to the fatherless as well. In times of need, trials and tribulations, HE is there.

The song “Shoulders” by for King & Country tells us how He helps and rescues us.  They sing “You help me, you res-rescue me, you carry my sickness, my weakness, my brokenness, all on your shoulders.”  The next time you experience any storm, allow God to carry you on His shoulders.  Also remember that Jesus died for your sins.  You ARE a Child of God!  He Loves You!


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