First Visit – Feb 21, 2015

I had my first visit today in 3 months and it was Great!  My Step-Mom and Sister came up from Greenville and it was great.  I was worried that they wouldn’t be able to come, because we were supposed to get bad weather. For the last 2 days I prayed that we wouldn’t get bad weather so that they could come.  God heard my prayers because the storm shifted and barely missed us.  Haha!

Surrounding counties were getting snow, but not us.  When they called my name, I was so excited.  I got down to the Visitation area and didn’t know what to do.  I finally figured it out with the help of an Officer.  I walked in and sat down.  It was so great to visit face-to-face with family and to be able to talk more than 15 minutes.  Ha!  It is not the same as sitting in a house and having freedom, however, it is better than nothing.  I have learned to appreciate things more since I have been in here.

The visit went well and 2 hours flew by quickly.  However, it was great to get caught up, and hear good news.  Although my Dad couldn’t make it, I was happy to hear that he hasn’t smoked in 7 weeks.  That is awesome!  I am so proud of him.  Skye is about to graduate high school in a few months and go to college.  I already knew this, but I was able to get the details.  And Michele is getting an awesome, new job.

They also gave me some good news about my wife and boys.  I will continue to pray for them.  The visit was great but sad at the end.  That is the only problem.  I am happy, but sad.  Then I tell myself that I will see them again.  It may take a few months to get used to the new normal.  However, I am so extremely blessed to have family support.  When I looked in the Visitation room and saw only 20 inmates, I realized how blessed I am.  A lot of inmates don’t have visitors, ever.

They messed up, and their family abandoned them or they are old and don’t have family.  Even to get mail is a blessing.  I just want to say “Thank you!” to all my family and church friends for your support.  Besides God, you help to keep my spirits high and I can’t thank you all enough!  I Love you all!




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