Buck’s Swoll – Feb 17, 2015


6 Maruchan Chili flavored Ramen noodle
2 – 3 oz Summer sausages
3/4 cup of Cheez Whiz or some type of squeezable cheese
1 can of Hormel Chili (no meat) – We have Bear Creek bag chili w/Beans
1 Jumbo dill pickle
1 bag of Beans and Rice dry mix
1/4 cup of Pasta Sauce (Traditional) – Prego or something with spices works best
4 – 5 cups of near boiling water.
1 – 2 packs of tortilla wraps
2 cheap, unscented trash bags (small size)  Can also use empty chip bags


1  Crush up Ramen noodles by throwing them on the floor like a bag of ice (not joking)

2.  Cut/dice up summer sausage.  If you live in PA, Garlic ring bologna would be perfect.

3.  Dice up pickle

4.  Put all ingredients in the bag, even Ramen noodle seasoning.  Only put 1/2 c of Cheez Whiz and half the pasta sauce in.

5.  Tie the bag up, put it in another trash bag filled with water, and wrap in a towel.  Let it sit for 15 – 20 minutes.

6.  Before you wrap it, in towel, mix up ingredients by moving them around with your hands in the bag.

7.  After 15 — 20 minutes, put into a serving dish.  Take tortilla, put some Cheez Whiz and pasta sauce on it, spread it around, then put some of the mix down the center of the tortilla and eat like a taco.

Next recipe will be “Jail Pizza”

I hope you enjoy it!

Side note:  You can use any Ramen noodle.  I recommend something spicy or beef.

*Also, you can add other things to it, like onions, green peppers, etc.  If you want an authentic “Swoll”, make Buck’s exactly as given.  You might need less water as well.  Start off with a small amount and see.  Add as needed.


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