The Mark – Feb 9, 2015

In the last 5 weeks, I have gotten into reading the Left Behind books.  I have read books 1 – 8 and each of them have something in them that touches me.  These books are considered Christian fiction, but  have a lot of biblical references.  The books are based off the prophecies of the end times.  The books take you through Revelations, Ezekiel, Daniel and part of John.  The books talk heavy about salvation and what it takes to be saved.

Throughout the series, it deals with many issues that we are faced with in this world.  They make you examine your faithfulness and spiritual journey.  Although these books are fiction, they have helped me a lot in my spiritual journey!  The 8th book in the series, “The Mark,” really challenged my faithfulness.  In this book, the Anti-Christ makes a new law that says “get the mark of the beast and worship me, the AntiChrist, Satan himself, or get your head chopped off.”

It talks about this in Revelation 13: 15-18, that this will happen;  That we will have to choose the mark or death.  As the story was going, the scene took place at an application mark center.  The prisoners had to choose the mark or death by guillotine (beheading).  Two of the main characters tried to rescue the believers from the prison so they could last until the Glorious Reappearing.  However, it was nearly impossible to rescue that many people without being found out themselves.  The believers prayed and prayed until death.

They refused to take the mark of the beast.  I laid here and thought about it a lot.  If I was in that situation, if the tribulation happens before I die, what would I do?  The answer is, I would choose death. I would never worship Satan.  Now faced in this situation, I would choose death.  In a normal situation, circumstances, would I die for the cause?  Is my faith so great that I would risk dying for the cause?

Would you risk your life to harvest new believers?  I also think another question to think about is… Are you afraid to die?

This story is from my Aunt Vicki about a real life example of being faced with death:

The story is of a woman who was working in a convenience store.  A man came in the store and held a gun to her head asking for the money or he would kill her.  She looked straight at him with a big smile and said, “Instant death, instant glory.”  It rattled the man so much, he ran from the store.  He was caught, went to prison, and shared the story.  He said he saw something in this woman that touched him deeply.  I believe the man is the one who told the story.  He served his time, became a believer, and shares how it was through this woman that God spoke to him.   A friend of mine shared this with me years ago.


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