Pray for Jason – Feb. 9, 2015

This is my third post about Jason!  He was doing well for a while until this past weekend.  He didn’t show up for church on Sunday and that is unusual for him.  That night I ate with him at chow and he seemed depressed again.  I said, “I missed you at church.”  He said that he would tell me why he didn’t go, just not in front of who we were sitting with right there.  So he said, “Not here.”

We left at the same time and I walked with him.  There is this one guy on his block who I enjoy walking with on weekends, who has been giving him a hard time.  The other guy’s name is Tim, and we have deep Biblical discussions while we walk had have become pretty good friends.  Jason opened up to me and told me that Chaplain Hampton’s Bible Study on Friday really spoke to him.  He was telling Tim about it, and he started to make fun of him.

Jason was trying to share something about God, and it hurt him that he made fun of him.  He thought he could talk to Tim about stuff.  It set him back and I can sympathize with him, because I have been there.  I have been praying for him and continue to pray for him.

Thank you!


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