Bobby Reece – Feb 9, 2015

I have come to know Mr. Reece pretty well in the last couple of weeks.  He is here on a life sentence with a chance of parole.  He hasn’t made parole yet, but I pray that he does.  The other day I sat down with Bobby Reece and was so intrigued by his stories.  He has been in prison since 1994, 21 years.  He has been at Marion since 1996.  He is older, at the age of 63, but he is so positive.  This man has no family, friends, wife, no nothing.  He doesn’t get letters, phone calls or visits, but he is so positive.

But he gets 10 stamps and hygiene products twice a month.  He is one of the funniest and most positive inmates here.  He eats the food in the dining hall and doesn’t complain.  He sends off to every prison ministry that sends reading material, and even schooling.  He has his Associates in Business .  He just sent a request to start Biblical studies.  He warns me that some of them are not legit.

The other day he received an Accounting text book in the mail.  I asked him if he was going to learn Accounting and he said, “Why not?”  I looked at the book, and it said, Chapters 12-26.  He proceeded to say “It would have been good to have the first half of the book.”  He reads all the time and learns anything he can.  Hoping one day he will be released on parole.

He told the stories of his travels all over the country, hitch-hiking.  He told me about his experiences in homeless shelters.  My favorite one was when he talked about a hotel in Canada.  He said “It’s crazy!  I had to pay to watch TV!”  I said, “Oh Yea?”  He said “Yea I had to put a quarter in this box and turn the dial.”  I said, “How long ago was that?”  He said a long time ago.  I said that I don’t think you have to do that anymore.  I don’t think I had to when I went to Montreal in 2003.  He said, “Well, I have been in here for a while.”  He makes me laugh so much! He is so funny!”

He is this old ALL bald guy with thick black glasses and no teeth.  I asked him why he doesn’t wear his teeth, ever.  He said, “I have to keep something in my room!”  He chews with no teeth, anything.  Apples, peanuts, chips, you name it.  He took a big bite out of an apple just to prove that he could.  Haha!

He inspires me to be as positive as him.

I will share more stories about him again!


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