Almost Written Up! – Jan 30, 2015

Every day I press a button in my room around 7:30 a.m. to go take a shower.  Sometimes they let me out at 7:30 and sometimes they make us wait.  Most days I am out at 7:30 a.m.  I like to take my showers in the morning.  I always have.  I also like to take them before class, because they strip search us.  Now I know that the officers have smelled worse, so if I miss it, it isn’t a big deal.  I don’t like taking them in the evening, because you have to wait to get in the shower.  Mornings have been perfect!

Today I pushed my button at 7:35 and the officer unlocked my door.  I went to the shower and started taking a shower.  Half way into the shower, I heard an officer say “You aren’t supposed to be out here.”  I said, “That’s crazy!  I always take a shower at this time.”  He proceeded to tell me that I needed to stop and go back to my room.  I stopped midway and went to my room.  I got dressed and literally 2 minutes after I went to my room, they pooped my door.  Now I did have a little tone when he told me I couldn’t take a shower, and I said, “That’s crazy!”  Haha!  I am not going to deny it.  I had already been in the shower for 3 minutes and I was standing there, naked.  Yes, it caught me off guard, especially since it hasn’t been a problem for 4 weeks.  If I wasn’t supposed to be out, they shouldn’t have unlocked my door.  I went to the officer and asked for a grievance form (a complaint form).  Before I did that, I made sure I was allowed to be taking a shower at that time.

The facility rules state that I can take a sower at 7:15 a.m.  When I got the form, I was trying to understand what happened.  So I kindly asked the officer to explain, and I wouldn’t fill this out.  He told me it was because “Chow” was still open for another unit.  I thought, “I must have missed that policy.”  I looked in the Department of Public Safety Policy Book and Marion’s Rules.  It said that nowhere.  Right before I went to class, another officer told me he was going to write me up for being out of my room when I wasn’t supposed to be.  I said “Okay” and went to class.  I was so mad.  I’ll admit.  I didn’t understand at all.  All I was doing was taking a shower.  I held in my anger and talked to another inmate about it and he told me that they weren’t going to write me up.  They unlocked my door, and I wasn’t informed about an unwritten rule.  He calmed me down, and I went into sewing.  He told me to talk to the Unit Manager.

When I got back, I went to Chow.  I started to talk to the Unit Manager in front of the officer who was going to write me up.  Then we talked while we walked to Chow.  He told me not to worry about it, and if they didn’t want me out, then they shouldn’t have unlocked my door,  He told me he would handle it.  When I got back from Chow, the officer came to talk to me.  He explained the misunderstanding and the unwritten rule, and told me he wasn’t going to write me up.  I told him I wasn’t trying to be difficult, and I didn’t understand. I told him I would take my showers at night.  He told me I could take them in the morning.  However, sometimes “Chow” runs behind.  I told him I understood and that I was good.  All of this over taking a shower.  Apparently, the clothes guy was delivering clothes to a (just one) 2nd shift worker who misses clothing pick up.  They tried to say that they popped my door, thinking he was bringing me clothes.  I snuck out and took a shower.  I said that the guy was long gone before I was out.  Also, this officer works a lot, he knows I am in school; that I don’t get special laundry.  I am the only one in H1 South block that goes to school.  He was trying a write up from me.  Since the officer and I were able to work out the misunderstanding as adults.  Then we won’t write each other up!  I had to share this story.  I hope you enjoyed it!



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