Sewing Class – “Single Fly” – Jan. 28, 2015

For three weeks now, I have been taking sewing classes.  After 2 days, I nailed a straight line, and moved on to the “Single Fly”.  What I didn’t realize was, how challenging this was going to be for me.  For some people, it might be easy, but I have found it a little bit of a challenge.  The single fly is the part of our pants that has the buttons on it.  It is a “J” shape, so you have to sew a “J” while keeping the edge of the pants and the edge of the fly lined up.

Now the first part, many things can go wrong.  You can sew a “blow-out”; a “blow-out” is where you don’t sew both pieces together and you have a hole.  Haha.  Not good!  Then if you don’t back stitch at the point at the bottom just right, you sometimes end up with a pencil type shape instead of a nice rounded “J”.  You have a point instead.  This is the first step.

The second step is to fold the fly over and sew the final thing.  This is where you find out of you made a pencil. Sometimes if you don’t fold it right, it deceives you by looking like a pencil, but it can be “rolled out” with your fingers.  Then you have to start right at the point you left off to make sure the “J Stitch” is secure.  Then you have to make a straight line.  The straight line is the easy part.  When I first started, I had problems securing the J Stitch on the second part.  I got that down, and then I had problems making a nice, rounded “J”.  Then today, after doing about 12 bundles (about 288 pants), I started having blow-out problems.

Come to find out that whoever cut the bundles didn’t cut them the same.  It threw me off and none of the flies were lining up.  I was getting discouraged.  Also, a lot of people were onto other tasks, learning new things.  I was like “Man, I must really stink at this!”  I still have 5 more bundles to do.  Then I was talking to one of the TA’s, and I was like “Am I that bad?!”  He laughed and said, “no.  You are doing really well.”  Come to find out that there were 2 or 3 people doing the same things.  I was the only one doing single flies.  I have double the work, but I am not that far behind.  I was like “Oh!” And he was like “You’re doing great.”

After a rough day fighting with “Blow-outs”, that was encouraging.  My third bundle, I finished in about 38 minutes.  In the plant, they do about 3 bundles an hour, but are only required to do 2 an hour.  I am not that far off.  Getting closer!  Yay!


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