The “Real” Christian – Jan 12, 2015

This last Sunday I went to church and sang with the choir for the first time.  What an awesome feeling it was to be part of a group of guys that loved to praise God through singing.  The first part of the service went well and then it was tie for the message by Rev. McDaniel.  His topic was about being a “real” Christian.  I am writing about it, because I thought it was worth sharing.

He talked about how so many Christians put on a show.  They go to church every Sunday, they go to Sunday School, they tithe, they carry their Bible around, they serve at church and so on.  Then they go home, they put the Bible down until next Sunday.  Or they go to work and talk trash about other people.  Or they cuss up a storm.  The list goes on.  Then people as them if they are a Christian.  They say “Yes” and they laugh.  This is why so many Christians are called hypocrites.  We go through the motions of being a Christian.  This is really a problem in prison.  Inmates are the worst at this.  They attend church, go to Bible studies and choir, but when they go back to the block, they are different.  They are cussing, arguing, judging others, gambling and the list goes on.

Other inmates see them come back and are like “Aren’t you a Christian?”  and it turns people away.  I came back to my room and the first thing I did was open this devotional book to the first devotion.  The title of the devotion was “Whose Am I?” At the beginning, it quoted John 14:7 “Jesus said, ‘If you really know me, you will know my father as well.’”  I continued to read and it talked about a 4 year old son and his father.  They were building a playhouse and the son imitated everything his father did.  Then the author says, “As I think of the way this son imitates his father, I wonder if my actions, habits, and preferences reflect my heavenly father.”

I also received a letter from my Mom today.  She said “Live a life glorifying God.”  It sounds easy, but it isn’t easy.  If you do live a life glorifying God and imitating Him, you will indeed have peace, joy and complete salvation.

I leave you with some questions to ask yourself:

  • Do my words and actions show the influence of the Holy Spirit in my life?
  • Does my life reflect the teachings of Jesus?
  • Am I faithful, patient, and loving – not just on a good day, but every day? And finally
  • Can you reflect your father to the people around you?

Read Galations 5: 22-25


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