January 17, 2015

I felt like writing about my day today.  I had a GREAT day!  I woke up this morning at abut 5:30 a.m., wide awake. I slept great last night.  Then I just laid in bed and listened to some music.  Then I went to breakfast to enjoy some very tasty french toast.  I will have to give it to Marion– their french toast is off the charts.  We don’t get it often, but when we do, I enjoy every last bite. Then I came back to my room.  I did my daily devotional and then they turned the lights out.

After my devotional, I decided to take a little morning nap.  I woke up just in time to go outside.  I haven’t been outside in 2 weeks.  Since I started school, I missed Yard time every day.  I decided to go out today and boy was it chilly! However, the fresh air was wonderful.  I walked around the perimeter the whole time.  As I walked, I listened to Christian music and took in the beautiful scenery around me.  I ignored the barbed wire fences and took in the beauty of the mountains.  Even though the trees are bare, the beauty of everything together is beautiful!  It was clear and sunny!  I did some speed walking and worked up a sweat.  I came back in, frozen to the bone.  But the heat felt so good.

I went to my room and snuggled in my newly made, warm bed and read The Soul Harvest, the 4th book in the Left Behind series.  I laid there in my nice, heated room (yes, they fixed the heat), under my blankets, reading a great book.  It was so far, an amazing day.  I stopped reading for a moment and smiled and praised God; for this day has been awesome.  Just everything about it was good.  Fresh air, sun, walking, listening to Christian music, snuggling in blankets and sheets and reading a great book about how awesome God is… what more can you ask for?

All of this, while I am in prison.  It was a good day!  Then we went to lunch and had a good lunch. I came back and read some more and eventually finished the book.  It left me hanging so I can’t wait to get the 5th book.  I will be doing a blog about the series in a couple of weeks.  There might be multiple blogs.  Even though it is Christian fiction, it references the Bible a lot and has really opened my eyes about some things.  I decided to dig into my Bible some more and did some study on “Hope”.  The Chaplain had mentioned putting your Hope in God, which I knew and understood.  But was I good at putting all my hope in God.  I can’t say that I am.  So I decided to search scriptures.

Putting all your hope and trust in God is not easy.  That will be another blog.  I surely don’t put my whole hope and trust in God.  I have work to do in that area.  Then we went to dinner and had what they call Turkey Noodle Casserole.  It reminds me of Pennsylvania Dutch Chicken Pot Pie, but with turkey.  It is so good!  People not from Pennsylvania probably think I am talking about pie, but I am not.  I know it’s weird.  We had that with peas, green beans, cornbread and Lemon Cake with butter cream icing.  Great meal!  We often don’t get great meals like that.  It is rare.  Cake at a meal is rare.  haha!

I came back to my room and did some more Bible searching.  Then I laid in my bed and listened to Christian music.  As I was laying there, I couldn’t help but think of my choir friend, Jason.  He is going through a lot of pain and emotion that I have experienced.  I feel his pain and I prayed for him at choir practice last night.  However, he is still on my mind. I am going to write a separate blog about that.  One more thing.  Be thankful for what you have and praise God for everything.  No matter where you are.

God is good!  All the time!


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