H1 South Revisited – Jan 17, 2015

I know that my initial post about my new block wasn’t so positive.  This is an update to that blog post. Things are going much better in this block.  Like I said in my post “January 17, 2015,” the day just got better.  I was invited to play monopoly with 2 younger guys.  The one guy has given me a little hard time, but that is just him.  He has known nothing but jail.  He is 21, but has been in since he was 17.  He gets out in 2016.  I am guessing he is in close custody because of his gang affiliation or he messed up and got some disciplinary write-ups.

I passed up the game because I wanted to watch the movie, “Whitney” which was about Whitney Houston.  It was an excellent movie.  She was amazing!  Truly an awesome singer who will be missed.

Then we had lockdown and after lockdown the guys asked me to play again.  It was Kenny and Tony.  Kenny is the 21 year old I talked about and Tony is this real cool black guy.  Yesterday Kenny joked about my shirt being too tight.  I disagreed with him. He wears his clothes super baggy.  Tony was like “Don’t listen to him, he wishes he was as muscular as you in the shoulders.  Your shirt fits fine!”  Tony is cool.  Real nice guy.

Along with these guys, I have made a few more friends in the block.  Mike and Mike are in choir, and I like hanging with them.  Then there is Buck Norris.  Haha!  His name is Burk and he looks like Chuck Norris.  We talk all the time. He is fun and a good God-centered man.  Then there is Josh, who Mike and I are trying to get to join the choir.  He is cool too.  Then there is Cory.  He reminds me of a short caveman, outdoors man. He has the primitive beard, and he is laid back.  So things are going much better in H1 South. Plus, the heat is working now!  They only complain about my snoring.  Apparently this new CPAP isn’t working well.  Only the guy next to me can hear me. They just mess with me.  They know I can’t help it.  I feel bad for them.  The mask doesn’t stay on my face.  I have tried everything to get it to stay on.  My Dad should be sending my CPAP machine, I hope.  Things are going much better.  I feel more comfortable!

Note from Mom:  Praise the Lord!  When your son is in prison, having a stomach ache from worry is an everyday occurrence.  Thank you my Lord and Savior for protecting my son.

A thousand may fall at your side, ten thousand at your right hand, but it will not come near you. – Psalm 91:7


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