American Idol XIV – Jan 15, 2015

I was so excited to see American Idol tonight because Adam Lambert was a guest judge.  Out of all the American Idols, he is my favorite of all of them.  I have a picture signed by him, and I know pretty much every song of his.  He sang with my favorite classic rock group, Queen.  He was amazing! He has a true gift, one of the best vocalists of our time.  He is an awesome performer as well.  I was watching and Ryan said that he was on Season 8.  For some reason I thought he was on Season 9.  I cannot believe that was 6 years ago!  I have been very pleased with his success.  He has only had 2 hits on the radio, but he just loves to sing and be artistic.

He doesn’t care how many hits he has.  He just cares about loving what he sings.  The auditions have been pretty good so far this season.  The new judges are actually pretty good.  I think they work well together. My favorite singer of the night was the girl named Jax.  Her dad was a New York Firefighter.  She had blonde hair, a tattoo by her eye, hat and sparkly shirt.  She sat down at the piano and disappeared into the music.  All she cared about at that moment was the song, music and lyrics.  It was one of the best artistic, emotional auditions I have ever heard on the show.  Her voice was so pure and captivating.  I could have listened to her all night.  She put her own Adele-style spin on the song, “I want to hold your hand.”  The whole time she sang, I had goosebumps.  I believe she will be the one to look out for in this competition.  I could be wrong, but the judges agreed with her talent.  No one sounded like her.

Then J Lo and Harry asked Adam to repeat his audition.  They showed Adam’s original audition, and he said he had been watching the show for 8 years.  That would mean it was Season 9.  Don’t quote me on that.  Anyway, he sounded amazing then and now.  It was awesome!  It made my night.  They put a lot of focus on him and played his one song, “For Your Entertainment”.  I couldn’t help but to sing along.  It was a great episode.  I am surprised the show has lasted this long.  Go Jax!!

#Jax #AmericanIdol #AdamLambert


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