Choir – Jan 10, 2015

Hi Mom,

Yesterday I went to my first choir practice at Marion Correctional.  I met with the Chaplain.  He gave me a little background about himself and the program.  Then he asked for an abridged version of my testimony.  I gave him a short version of my testimony.  I will, at some point in the next 16 years, finish my book about this journey.  Then we started choir practice.  He likes to start out with a 45 minute Bible Study to get us in the mood to praise God.

I enjoyed the Bible Study, and I thought that it DID help to prepare our hearts for the music.  Then we rehearsed over the 4 praise songs that we were going to sing on Sunday.  The band is great, and there are some great singers in the choir.  The practice went well, and we ended with praying in small groups.  Praying for each other and the troubles going on in our lives.  I will be back.  I love to sing praises to God!

God is Good…. ALL the time…. All the time…. God is good!



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