1st Day of Sewing Class – Jan 8, 2015

Hi Mom,

Yes, I am in Sewing Class!  Haha.  Who would have thought I would have wanted to learn how to sew.  Well I do.  So I met with my case manager on Tuesday.  He was super nice and seemed to like me.  He asked me if I was interested in Sewing Class or cabinet making.  Well cabinet making would have put me in one of the worst units on the camp.  So I said sewing and he said he would try to get me in the class but made no promises.  From what I heard, getting into the class is hard.  There have been people on the wait list for some time now.  About 4 hours later, I was called to the Education Department.  Come to find out, they found me slot, the last slot.  My case manager got me into the class at the last minute.  Well, I missed the first day of classes because I had to get my CPAP machine at Central Prison.  That was a full day’s trip.  Today, I learned the difference between the good side and the bad side of the fabric, how to thread the machine, and started sewing straight lines.  we also learned how to manipulate the needle without cutting the thread.  It was fun, relaxing, and therapeutic.

I have class for 5 hours a day.  I get paid $1 a day for training.  Haha.  When I am finished I hope to get a job in the sewing plant and eventually get $3.00 a day.  This is the maximum an inmate can get paid in the prison system.  This is fair, because they pay for our clothing and food and housing, so I’m happy with this.  I mean, if you are in minimum security on work release then you get paid a normal job wage.

The guy behind me helped me out a lot.  He had taken the class before, but didn’t finish the class.  He got a write-up 2 weeks before the class was over.  Because of the write-up, he was sent to “the hole” and taken out of the class.  He is a real nice guy, and he goes by “Jazz”.  He is gay but I don’t hold it against him.  God says to love everyone and to show His love to everyone.  I am not going to express my detailed opinions on the issue.  I wanted to mention Jazz because I am sure he will come up again in more blog posts.  His station is behind mine.

After class was over, we had to return our sheers and work boots.  Then off to the search room to make sure we didn’t smuggle anything out of the room.  After every class session, we have to get strip searched.  A lot of guys complain, but it is for everyone’s safety.  I certainly wouldn’t want to be stabbed with a sheers or a needle in a vein or something.  Who knows what kind of weapon they could make with a needle?  I will keep you updated on the sewing class.

Love, Eddie


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