Eddie Paul – Dec. 28, 2014

I was reading one of the first letters from my Aunt Vicki.  Her great fan Anne said she was going to call me Eddie Paul.  She said I was like Paul, in prison, but devoted to Christ.  I am in prison and devoted to Christ. I am nowhere close to as spiritually strong as Paul.  I have learned a lot from Paul’s journey by reading the Bible.  2 Corinthians 6:3-10 spoke to me and the verses are written below from my Easy-to-Read version of the Bible.

“3  We don’t put anything in anyone’s way.  So no one can find fault with our work for God.  4 Instead, we make it clear that we serve God in every way.  We serve him by holding steady.  We stand firm in all kinds of trouble, hard times and suffering.  5 We don’t give up when we are beaten or put in prison.  When people stir up trouble in the streets, we continue to serve God.  We work hard for him.  We go without sleep and food.  6 We remain pure. We understand completely what it means to serve God.  We are patient and kind.  We serve Him in the power of the Holy Spirit.  We serve him with true love.  7 We speak the truth.  We serve in the power of God.  We hold the weapons of Godliness in the right hand and in the left.  8 We serve God in times of glory and shame.  We serve him whether the news about us is bad or good.  We are true to our calling.  But people treat us as if we were pretenders.  9 We are known, but people treat us as if we were unknown.  We are dying, but we continue to live. We are beaten, but we are not killed.  10 We are sad, but we are always full of joy.  We are poor, but we make many people rich.  We have nothing but we own everything.”

These verses are so powerful and it gives us an idea of how Paul suffered to get to know God and live in the Holy Spirit.  My favorite part of these verses is the first sentence of verse 5.  It says:  “We don’t give up when we are beaten or put in prison.” That sentence says it for itself.  Don’t give up serving God because you have been beaten down.

Finally, I say this.  No matter what happens to you or what situation you are in, follow Christ with all your heart.

Recommended reading: Philippians 1: 12-30


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