Tighten Up – December 17, 2014

Yesterday I found out I am going to a close custody prison in Western NC.  I was disappointed because I was hoping for Medium security.  I got a little fearful about going, because I am not a tough guy.  I am like a big teddy bear and am very nice.  I feared that I would be swallowed up.  The lady said you have to “tough up” and don’t show fear.  Don’t tell anyone why you are in here.  That and “no one is your friend.”  Well, prisoners have been telling me that since I got here.  They tell me to “tighten up”.  If someone keeps annoying you, tell them a little firmly to “back off.”  If they ask me for something from canteen, just tell them kindly that you don’t have enough money.  Set boundaries that you can stick to.  I have been trying that the last 2 days and it has been working.  They have been backing off.  Also Psalm 91 helped me with my fear and anxiety.  Also the story of how David beat Goliath is powerful.  I turned to the Bible a lot yesterday and cried to God.  He answered my prayer through His word and another inmate.

God is good.  All the time.

Recommended readings:  Psalm 91, 1 Samuel 17


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