Snow – December 20, 2014

It is December 20, 2014… 5 days before Christmas.  One thing that everyone hopes for on Christmas is a white Christmas… most people.  Some people could care less about snow or they just hate it.  I am from Pennsylvania and I love snow.  I was sad I wasn’t living in Buffalo, NY when they got 7 feet of snow.  I have loved snow all my life.  When I moved to North Carolina, I didn’t see that much snow anymore.  SO when it came, I got excited.  Well today was one of those days.  We walked out to the Yard and to my surprise, it was snowing!  I went inside to reserve a spot in line to play pool.

Then I went outside and enjoyed the falling snow.  I walked around with a huge smile on my face.  It wasn’t much, but snow was falling!  It made me very happy!  The prison I am getting transferred to is in the mountains.  They usually get some good snow everywhere.  God is Good!  All the Time!


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