Meatball Sub – December 18, 2014

As I told you early in one of my posts, the food is okay.  Well, every once in a while they give us a special treat.  When I first got here, they gave everyone 2 slices of Little Caesar’s pizza and a piece of cake.  This was for everyone whose birthday was in the month of October, November and December.  I got a tray and everyone wanted to “buy” my pizza.  I told them I wanted to eat it.  They got mad and acted like children. I understand that we don’t get pizza often, but their birthdays weren’t in those months.  I am sure when their month comes up, they will get their pizza.  I ate it.  Today, we all got a special meatball sub with BBQ sauce, cheese and a bag of chips.  The sub roll was fresh baked and the BBQ meatball thing is a southern thing.

All I heard was complaints.  Inmates were saying “Why is there no marinara sauce?”  “It is cold”, “They probably just got this from Subway!”  I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.  We have made HUGE mistakes!  THEY have made huge mistakes.  And they expected to be treated like kings.  I sat there and couldn’t believe it.  I decided to make up my meatball sub and eat it for lunch.

I was excited because it was way better quality than the “chow” meal. I fixed it up and then went to the main room to a table and started eating it.  All these inmates started harassing me about my weight.  “You aren’t going to lose weight like that!”  “You are so fat!”  It went on for at least the whole time I was eating my sub.  I didn’t respond to any of it.  I just sat there and enjoyed my sub.  I thought to myself…. what would be the point in responding?  I also realized how immature and childish these men were.  They are not worth my time.

They must have thought I was going to eat a rubbery, tasteless cheeseburger and pinto beans at lunch, after I ate my sub that tasted like real food.  I am learning that the less you say and respond to their childish ways, the better off you will be.

[note from Mom:  Stay the course, Eddie.  Be true to yourself. Don’t let the negativity steal your joy in life.]


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