Cooking in Prison – December 17, 2014

So we get 3 meals a day in jail, but sometimes the food gets old, or doesn’t taste good.  Sometimes you don’t know if it’s really chicken– it doesn’t look like chicken.  Sometimes turkey looks like bologna.  It is bland and sometimes you just can’t stomach it.  There are beans at almost every meal.  I am not a big bean fan.  Most of the time I clear my tray, because I am just thankful for the food.  I have only been here for 2 weeks but I have learned a lot about food and cooking in prison.  The other day a group of 4 inmates decided they were going to “cook” that night.  Interested in what they were doing, I stood back and watched.  We locked down at 7:30 and came out at 8:340.  They all came out with ingredients that they bought from the canteen.  The canteen is where you can buy “outside” food and hygiene products.  Some examples of things you can buy are Ramen noodles, chips, crackers, honey buns, tortillas, summer sausage, soda and much, much more.

The guy came out with a bag of mixture.  The mixture contained hot & spicey Ramen noodle, rice & beans, cut up pickles, ad summer sausage.  Then others came out with flour tortillas and squeeze cheese (cheddar cheese).  The pack of tortillas is about $1.40 and squeeze cheese is $0.55 , a pickle is $0.65.  Summer sausage is $1.89 and Ramen noodle is $0.51 (the cup kind).  They each had a squeeze cheese and they used 4 Ramen noodles and a pack of rice and beans, at $1.47.  They split up what everyone had to buy and put it together.  Then they take a tortilla, put some squeeze cheese on and put some of the mixture in it.  Then you have a Ramen noodle taco!  Haha!

I have seen many things.  Banana and nutty bar treat, Banana, mayo and bread, Ramen noodle with grilled cheese crackers.  The other night a guy and I “cooked” Ramen noodle mixture with summer sausage, roast beef Ramen noodle, and Ritz cheese crackers.  It was okay and we didn’t have enough water.  We are going to make a “state cake” on Christmas day.  Stay tuned for what that is and how it turned out.  I got a chimichanga from the canteen tonight because dinner was awful.  It was only $1.09.  It was so good!  That and a pint of Hershey’s ice cream is only $1.77.  Yum!


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