An Angel Among us – December 16, 2014


At this time, we are on “lockdown.”  They lock us down and count all the inmates in each pod [there are about 16 people per pod]. I am super scared of going to my next prison.  I just found out which one it is.  When we started lockdown, I layed flat on my stomach and cried out to God for guidance and to take over my sorry and fear.  To take over my whole body.  Tears were pouring out and my prayer became audible in my cell.  I finished my prayer and I was going to flip open my Bible and read.  I broke down in tears again and prayed again.  Then I opened my Bible to a random verse.  The verse I opened wasn’t speaking to me.  Then I thought about Psalm 91:7 that you have been putting in all of your letters.  I said to myself “What does the whole Psalm 91 say?  I opened my Bible and read Psalm 91.  All it talks about is how God will keep you safe if you truly believe.  Then I realized that he has kept me safe in this close custody prison I am in.  This prison where I have been around gang members and convicted murderers.  I haven’t made friends, but I have been nice to people and haven’t said anything about why I am here.

I have been kept safe.  In Psalm 91:11-12 says “The Lord will command his angels to take good care of you.  They will lift you up in their hands.  Then you won’t trip over a stone.”  So far, there have been angels placed in every place I have been.

In fact, another story from today.  This morning, about 5:00 a.m., the two old guys that I have been involved in many biblical/spiritual conversations while I have been here got shipped out today.  In the morning, while they were packing up their personal belongings, “someone” dropped off this little 10 Day Christmas Devotional at my door.  What was weird about it, is that no one else got one.  The two guys that were packing didn’t see anyone.  The person wasn’t seen by anyone except for me and he just disappeared.  I didn’t even see or hear the door open to our pod.  The introduction of the devotional talked about a family who lost a loved one and their Christmas wasn’t the same, because he wasn’t there.  It spoke to me, because I know that Christmas won’t be the same for me or anyone this year or the next several years.

However, it went on to say that to enjoy Christmas not for the traditions, but for the real meaning of Christmas.  Of course, family is important, however, Jesus is why we celebrate.  You (my family) will be there for me no matter what, when, season, or holiday.  You will always be in my heart and me in your heart.  We are family.  It does make it harder but it is not forever.  Even if someone does die while I am in here.  Stay strong in your faith, and we will all unite in Heaven.

We can live eternal life together.  Where there is no hurt, no pain, no sin, just peace.  Gosh, doesn’t that sound good?  Since this event has happened and over the last couple of months, I have realized that God is the only way.  We are God’s children and our responsibility is to be God’s love to ALL people.  He sacrificed his ONLY Son for us.  As long as we believe, we are free from sin.  We belong to God as long as we believe.  Read Romans 6 and if you have time, read all of Romans again.  100%.




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