My First 51 hours in Jail (12/4/2014)

Eddie is in prison for a crime he did not commit.  He was a law-abiding citizen until a minor (I’m talking 15-16 yr old) claimed he did inappropriate things with her. We are talking about a sexually active minor who sleeps around and does drugs. Eddie tried to rescue her. Rescue attempt fail.  In addition to an ineffective attorney and a new DA out to prove he is tough on crime, ended up with Eddie getting a 16-19 year “plea deal” with no chance of parole.  The lawyer, unprompted, told Eddie’s family as he was making him sign the plea deal, that “I sleep well at night.”  We all have a higher power to answer to, is my response to that.  I am Eddie’s Mother.  I am angry.  Eddie is not angry.  He views this sentence as a path that God has given him.  He is writing me letters and I am publishing them.  He wants to be able to help other people who are going to jail for the first time. I am hoping that his letters help family members in my situation too. I cry every day. My stomach hurts every day.  I wake up crying from the nightmares.  Eddie’s letters are the thread of hope that I hang onto.  Here is his first letter.

My First 51 Hours in Jail/Prison

The first night in jail was painful, because I had nothing to do.  I was locked up in a cell with nothing to do.  The other guy on my block gave me a bible to read.  It was the King James Version and difficult to understand.  I had nothing to do and was locked in my cell for 23 hours a day.  Then I was shipped to a close security prison for processing.

I was so nervous but then the nurse in the full size hospital said it wasn’t that bad and people don’t want to leave.  I got through the medical exam then got to my pod.  There were about 14 other guys in it.  They were all watching TV and playing cards.  I sat down and started talking to a guy who was reading his bible.  Then another guy sat down and joined us.  We talked about how we are all sinners and we need to try out best not to sin and follow Him 100%.  It was awesome. Then we went to bed and woke up for breakfast.  Breakfast was eggs, 2 biscuits, watery, tasteless grits and molasses. Then we went to the diagnostic process.  This process will take about 2 – 6 weeks.  Then I will be shipped off to another prison.

Then we went to lunch and had spaghetti, salad, mixed veggies, garlic bread and chocolate cake.  It was a very good meal.  Then we came back to our pod and watched a movie and Jerry Springer (at the same time).  Yes, there are two TV’s. The volume is up on one and muted with captions on the other.  I have never watched two shows at once.  It is kind of challenging.  Now we are locked in our cell for about an hour and a half to relax, read, nap, write, or whatever you want to do.  I went to canteen and got some snacks and a radio to listen to my Christian music on HIS Radio.  Then we will go to dinner and hang out for the rest of the evening.

Don’t worry, Mom.  I’m okay.  I love you.

Love, Eddie


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